The Top High Performance Car Stereos

Kenwood DNX 997XR
We are living in a digital world. Why use an analog stereo in your car? Even your vehicle deserves a touchscreen. The new model of the Kenwood DNX 997XR car stereo unit comes with many features like camera inputs, built-in Garmin navigation, Android Auto, Bluetooth, and Apple carplay. More to that, this car stereo has pre-amp outputs that can be used to add external amplification. Both Apple carplay and android auto features allow you to connect the unit with your mobile device. Therefore, you can control your car’s music using streaming apps on your phone. Does that sound interesting? Then, why don’t you get one for your vehicle?

This is another amazing car stereo that can add a thrilling feeling and quality in your car music. It gives you the freedom to customize the sound to reach your desired levels. It comes with various audio components that offer the rich sound quality you get while at your home. This unit is meant to be used in vehicles only, and therefore, it does not vibrate. It comes with other amazing features such as a remote control, large volume knob, Bluetooth, and hardwire inputs where you can connect USB and auxiliary. You can play different file formats on the unit with your mobile phone when connected via Bluetooth. Just like the Kenwood DNX 997XR unit, it also has pre-amp outputs where you can add an amplifier that adds juice to your speakers.

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