Cinematic Wireless Sound For Your Home Theater


The best technologies are the ones that add convenience and quality to our lives. From cellphones and computers to gaming and entertainment systems; these devices are central to how we connect with the world. Whether we are surfing the web, streaming music, watching movies, or playing the latest gaming release, nothing can make or break the experience quite like audio quality.

Considering how much of our time is spent using these devices, it only makes sense that we give attention to the audio side of the equation. Pairing cinema level sound to even the modest of televisions will add a depth of realism that can only be experienced in person. Music, movies, and games leap out at you in ways that on-board sound simply cannot deliver.

In the past, home theater systems needed to be installed by professionals. Wires would need to be run through walls or concealed in some way. With hours being spent connecting multiple components to the receiver. However, with the advances in wireless communications, installing a wireless surround sound system has never been easier. Using WiFi or Bluetooth capable devices, wire management is as simple as running power to your speakers. Also, being wireless gives the freedom of not being tied to a specific area of a room. If you want to move a speaker, simply unplug it from the wall and relocate it.

Adding yet another level of convenience, most wireless surround sound systems allow control via your existing remotes or through smartphone applications. While this is a common feature, it does differ slightly depending on the brand, model, and price point for each system. As a rule-of-thumb, the more features provided will come at an increase in the overall investment. Some brands to consider before purchasing are; JBL, SONY, BOSE, and YAMAHA. Each of these will offer the sound quality you are looking for but may present different user interfaces. Depending on your level of comfort with technology, this may factor into your purchase.

These systems come in a variety of sizes and power outputs, so it is important to keep your room size in mind when choosing the product that will fit your needs. For an average size room with low ceilings, a 5.1 setup is more than adequate. However, if the room is deeper than twenty (20) feet, you may better off with a 7.2 or 7.2.4 design. Other things to consider are the dampening factors within the room. Is it hardwood floors or carpet? Are the windows covered in drapes or blinds? All of these will play a role in how the sound is bounced around the room, ultimately adding to or taking away from the sound quality. For extremely reflective rooms, you may want to consider sound treatments such as absorption panels or baffles.

In closing, sound reproduction is all about shaping the room’s environment and there is a sound system for every need. Whether you are hosting a party, listening to music while cooking, or relaxing watching your favorite movie, a good quality wireless sound system can go a long way.

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