Should You Consider Buying A Car From Costco?


When the idea of buying a car comes to mind, people use different options to use and acquire them in a short amount of time. Due to advancements in technology, various websites claim to be selling these cars at a lower price than the market’s prevailing price. It is all about convincing the buyer that they are the best in the industry. Some will tell you to transact online and not to meet face to face at a dealership. When a buyer browses to search for the car he or she wishes to buy, a good number of websites with a lot of information about their cars will pop up. Have you ever realized the risks and challenges you might face when dealing with some of these online programs? Not until you find the Costco program that claims to save any member from struggles to get a car. Furthermore, they still try to convince the new members that they will save 1000 dollars in any transaction with them.

How does Costco operate?
On their website, members select the kind of car they are interested in in terms of the make and model. In the next step, Costco refers this member to a local dealer who will show the buyer the vehicle’s price invoice, a guaranteed specific price from Costco, and MSRP. This seems to be pretty good, especially on the price, but wait until you find more information from the same website about the Costco auto program’s customers’ experience. The information on their website is only meant to lure members into the business. Their interest is in the huge profit they get from “easy goers” members who easily get convinced. The Costco program does not control the invoice prices since the dealers you are sent to can change the price at any time. What a deception!

Some issues from Costco auto program

No after sales services
You will be shocked trying to reach Costco after they are done with you. Be sure not to get any response either through email or calls that you can make.

Bluffing behavior
Costco offers misleading prices to entice buyers in their program, where they end up being frustrated.

Bad interaction with the dealers
The dealers related to the Costco auto program tend to revolve around the price rather than giving the car’s actual price. It isn’t charming when you want to buy something, and the seller cannot go directly to the price of the item. How can you buy an item without knowing the price?
Although not all online shops provide misleading information, if you are interested in shopping online for a car, try CarGurus. This is where you get a great deal on used cars at better prices. Furthermore, they also sell new vehicles where you can use their Mobile App to access their services at any place. This is the place you will rest assured that best services will be offered without being misled.

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