Collecting The Most Treasured Silver Dollars


Silver Dollars are unique coins that are big and heavier than other types of collectible coins. The artistry, craftsmanship and history behind these coins give them immense value. Listed below are some of the most valuable Silver Dollars.

Flowing Hair Silver Dollar 1794 (with Silver Plug)
With a silver plug, this coin was made by inexperienced United States Mint workers in an attempt to power the new country’s economy. Work was done mostly by hand, given the machines were very crude. Out of 1758 made in 1794, this is the only existing one with a silver plug stuck into it. Given its pristine condition and near sharp detail, many believe this was the first coin to be struck in the United States. The unique history, good condition and low mintage of this coin make it the most valuable silver dollar worldwide. In January 2013, the coin was valued and sold at $10,016,875.

Flowing Hair Silver Dollar 1794
The US mint started producing silver dollars in 1794. Given the coins’ huge size, it was not easy for the crude equipment to properly strike the coins. Hence the coins were crafted by engravers, which resulted in an amateur style. In September 2015, one of the original 1758 silver dollars was sold for a whopping $4,993,750. This was mostly owing to its history and condition.

Draped Bust Silver Dollar, Watters-Childs Specimen, Class I 1804
The striking of these coins was ordered by President Andrew Jackson to be presented to foreign dignitaries. This one was presented to the Sultan of Muscat in 1834. In August 1999, the coin sold for $4,140,000. In 2016, it was put up for sale again and almost became the world’s most valuable coin.

Draped Bust Silver Dollar, Adams Carter Specimen, Class III 1804
This coin was sold in April 2009 with a value of $2,300,000. These ‘King of Coins’ made in 1804 were mostly presented to high profile people in exchange for special favours. The demand for these coins is astronomically high hence their value, furthered by the history behind them.

(3 Leaves) Flowing Hair Dollar 1795
Records show that the US Mint made over 160,000 copies of this coin despite the crude technology available back then. The finest known and available specimen of this coin sold for $1,265,000 in December 2005.

Proof Liberty Seated Dollar (No Motto) 1886
In 1896, 725 of the Proof Liberty Seated Dollar dollars were minted with ‘In God We Trust’ written on their reverse. The one with no motto is believed to have been made a year later at the behest of Robert Coulton Davis, a coin collector. In January 2005, this coin sold for a value of $1,207,500.

Draped Bust Silver Dollar (Small date and letters) 1796
Numismatic researchers believe that in 1796, there were fewer of these coins produced in comparison to the recorded 80,000. This is one of the rarest Draped Bust Silver dollars. Back then, coin dies were hand sculpted and used until they broke. In April 2013, one such coin was sold with a value of $1,175,000.

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