The Most Valuable Gold Coins Have Many Interesting Histories Behind Them

Coin collecting is more than just about building a portfolio of valuable coins. There are several valuable gold coins to collect, but what are the histories behind some of the most treasured ones?

The 1822 Half-Eagle Has A Unique Design
over two hundred years ago, the Half-Eagle coin was an ordinary coin that anyone could buy to buy merchandise. Today, there are only three of these coins that are still present. Due to this gold coin being so rare to find, the current value is beyond ten million.

The Silver Dollar Coin Was Only Manufactured By Fifteen
The Silver Dollar Coin is valuable because only fifteen of them were made. Due to its number, it added value, although it was made during the mid-eighteen hundreds.

The Flowing Hair Dollar Coin Was America’s First Dollar
The Flowing Hair Dollar coin was America’s first dollar. This makes it one of the most valuable coins today. After being minted in 1794 and 1795, there are now over one hundred varieties in the world. In the year 2013, only one of these coins sold just over ten million dollars.

The Half-Union 1877 Edition Is The Rarest Coin Ever Created
The Half-Union 1877 Edition coin became valuable since, in the year 1877, it became one of two coins two to be discovered making it very valuable and unique to find today. Today, it’s well over ten million dollars.

The Liberty Head Nickel Was Nearly Produced Without Permission
The Liberty Head Nickel was nearly produced without permission. The reason was due to that only a small number were ever produced. This is the first coin in the United States to be sold for one hundred thousand dollars.

Edward Florin III Exists By Three
This gold coin goes back to the year 1344, but it was halted after several months. Only three of these coins exist, which can be worth over seven hundred thousand dollars. The gold coin has a unique design of the kings and two leopards’ heads.

The Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Is The First Million Dollar Coin
The Royal Canadian Mint made the world’s first million-dollar coin in 2007. This coin has gold bullion that is made with real gold. Only a limited amount of purchase is available.

The Double Eagle 1907 Edition Created Interest
Augustus Saint-Gaudens was a well-known sculptor, and his gold coins remained nonstop for over twenty-five years. Since the original coin in 1907 approved a manufacturing interest of over twenty coins, it created it to be valuable.

$20 Saint Gaudens 1907 Is Rare
The $20 Saint Gaudens 1907 is a thick gold coin. Its design of Augustus Saint Gaudens has only two gold coins known in the world.

The 1849 Double Eagle Coin Valued During The Gold Rush
The 1849 Double Eagle began during the gold rush in California. Since they were created to be of value, today it is now over twenty million since the number of these coins is low.

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