The Most Valuable Quarters To Collect


An important part of coin collecting is knowing the most valuable and collectible items. Though produced hundreds of years ago, quarters happen to play an important role in the United States economy. Below we are going to look at several of the most valuable quarters since the year 1796, when the first production was made.

1796 Draped Bust Quarters
In the history of quarter coins, this was the first coin to be produced and up to date, remains to be the most valuable quarter in the United States. The Draped Bust Quarter is valued at $1,527,500 and was sold in 2013 through the involvement of Heritage Auctioneers, a selection from the Eric Newman collection in New York.

1839 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter
The 1839 proof liberty quarter is assessed at a value of $517,500 and through an engagement by Heritage Auctions CSNS signature coin auction, the quarter was sold in April 2008. Due to its stunningly appealing features, the quarter remains to be one of the rarest proof liberty seated quarters.

1873 Liberty Seated Quarters – No Arrow
Having been valued at a cost of $470,000, it was sold in August 2012 through the engagement of the ANA world fair of money auction in Philadelphia. Due to the demand and people’s desire to own it, the coin has stepped into new grounds in the market. Since its production, the introduction of arrows is one of the changes that this quarter has experienced.

1850 Proof Liberty Seated Quarter
As indicated and certified by PR at a grade of 68, the quarter is valued at $460,000, and was sold in the year 2008 through a transaction of auction firms such as Heritage Auction, FUN signature coin auction in Orlando, Florida. Being among the three proof quarters made in 1850, the coin remains to be scarce and valuable since its popularity in the market.

1901 Barber Quarter
The unexceptionable coin was sold in May 1990, at the price of $550,000. Since its last sale, the 1901 Barber Quarters have appreciated and would cost a lot more if it was to be auctioned today due to its rareness and popularity.

1807 Draped Dust Quarter
For $411,250, the Draped Bust Quarter was certified by NGC with an MS-grade of 66. This quarter with a magnificent grade was sold in November 2013 through an engagement of Heritage Auction, selections from the Eric P. Newman coin collection in New York. Due to its high value, the coin carries a greater value similar to that of Eric. P Newman collection.

1828 Capped Bust Quarter-Repunched Denomination 25/5/50c
Certified by NGC and with an MS grade of 67, the 1828 Capped Bust Quarter was sold in November 2018 through the engagement of Heritage Auction, a selection from the Eric and Newman collection in New York at a value of $352,500. The coin was produced manually to increase effectiveness. Although they made a mistake on the reverse side of the coin, they later corrected the mistake. 

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