Best-Selling Fitness Watches To Improve Your Workouts


With the holidays coming up, followed quickly by the New Year, many hope for a fresh start or do-over, especially after the upheaval that many experienced in 2020. As Thanksgiving potatoes and Christmas pies may expand the waistband, a fitness watch can help shrink it back down. For those looking for that extra ounce of motivation or accountability, a fitness watch under the tree may be just the thing needed.

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to fitness watches, and shopping for one can be overwhelming. There are a few things to think about when considering which watch is the better option, including price, features, and compatibility. The Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Samsung Galaxy Watch are all three great possibilities depending on the user and how they plan on using it.

The Fitbit
The Fitbit has been around since 2007 as a leader in the fitness watch industry. It has come a long way and now offers sleep tracking, fit metrics, and EKG’s in addition to the traditional odometer and pulse readings. Some models have a much smaller face, which many prefer against its competitors. Starting at around $80, with prices rising to $350, this can be a great budget option if you want something to cover the basics.

Apple Watch
The Apple Watch joined Apple’s myriad of other products when it came on the market in 2015. Although it is much newer than the Fitbit, it has taken the fitness watch market by storm, over-selling all other watches in the classic watch company, Swiss. This success can be attributed, partly, to marketing and consumer demand to have the hottest item. Still, this trend continues because of the high quality, user-friendly interfaces, and customization options available on the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch’s ability to compete in several different fitness metrics with friends and track others’ activity has led to a higher sense of accountability and, therefore, has driven many to meet fitness goals quicker than ever before. The Apple Watch also has all the features of the Fitbit, such as EKG and sleep tracking capabilities. It syncs seamlessly with the iPhone and becomes an indispensable tool for fitness, productivity, and communication. Its ability to use Siri for voice commands and play music directly from apps like Spotify makes it the top option for many people.

Samsung Galaxy
This newcomer to the fitness watch world has received rave reviews from loyal Samsung users as an equal alternative to the Apple Watch. The fitness features are roughly equivalent to the Apple Watch, while the Samsung has a slightly better battery life than the Apple version. The shape is different, as Samsung watches have a circular face, compared to the more squared shape of Apple watches, but personal preference could vary widely on the winner in this category. The Samsung watch does not have EKG capabilities, but its sleep tracker is on par with Apple’s. 

No matter which one you choose you can rest assured that you will get back in shape after the holidays with these fitness watches.

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