Can Compression Sleeves and Socks Improve Your Health?


Compression sleeves and socks have been popular in the fitness and health industry in the past few years. You see professional athletes wearing them all the time both while playing and while relaxing. This raises the question of if these compression sleeves and socks actually improve your health? You see them around so much, but you wonder if it might be a brand paying a professional athlete or if the health benefits they offered are really that valuable. The short answer is yes, compression sleeves and socks do improve your health. The real question is how do they work? Read on to find out how compression sleeves and socks improve your health.

Blood circulation
The main health benefit compression sleeves and socks have on your body is increase blood circulation. You’ll find that they help your blood move from one area of your body to another more easily. These sleeves and socks are specifically designed for people who have poor blood circulation in their legs. Poor blood circulation in someone’s legs is more common than most people think. A tighter compression sock will lead to better blood circulation in your leg and overall better in your entire body. Blood circulation is important for heart health, skin health, organ health and all other kinds of body benefits. As we age, blood circulation can slow down so using compression can help increase blood flow.

It reduces swelling
Since wearing compression sleeves and socks help to increase blood circulation in your body, better circulation will already help to decrease swelling. On top of that, since these sleeves and socks are tight to your skin, they will help to stop the swelling of these areas in your body by compressing it. A lot of people suffer from swollen legs and ankles. Compression socks help to relieve the swelling in these areas by compressing them and allowing more blood to flow there while preventing it from expanding. This will lead to reduced swelling in your body while promoting better circulation. The great thing about this is not only the area with the compression sleeve or sock is impacted by the reduction of swelling. For example, if you put on a compression sock, it will not only help with swelling in your leg but it will also help with swelling in your ankle and feet as well. This is why it’s common to see professional athletes wearing them after practice or even during a workout. They are trying to promote blood circulation to their legs and arms while also reducing swelling that will inevitably come after a tough workout.

Reduce blood clots
Since compression socks and sleeves help to increase blood flow in the body, it means they also help to reduce blood clots. This can be specifically seen in someone’s legs. Compression socks help the blood to be pumped back up someone’s legs. This helps to reduce blood clots that could form and pose risks to your health. 

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