The Most Downloaded Health And Fitness Apps


Depending on your situation in life, you may want to improve your health. Some people do this by tracking their food while others may focus on exercise. It can be difficult to hold yourself accountable, so we want to talk about the most downloaded health and fitness apps. You should check out these popular apps to see which ones you want to try out.

Samsung Health
This health app brings a bit of everything together. It will help you track your workout routines, your weight, what you eat and even your sleep. You can track your total steps, how much time you spend working out and how many calories you ate. This app has over one billion downloads due to its versatility and usefulness.

Home Workout – No Equipment
This fitness app focuses on helping you develop a training plan without the need for equipment. You can focus on different parts of your body including your abs, chest, arms and other areas. This app will guide you through the workout and it can even give you a routine. You can choose between different levels so you can get the workout that you want.

Google Fit
When you consider all of the health apps available, it comes as no surprise that Google would release a solid option. This app focuses on displaying data and information so you can coach yourself. As an added bonus, you can connect the app to your watch and easily access information on your wrist.

FitOn is one of those fitness apps that focuses on giving you as much options as possible. You can easily scroll through and try their different workout routines for Yoga, Cardio, No Equipment and many other categories. FitOn will also allow you to pick which part of your body you can focus on so you can get the workout that you need, when you need it.

Huawei Health
Some people don’t want health apps with complex and hard to use menus. Huawei Health focuses on making itself easy to use by minimizing the amount of clutter on your screen. The app will track your exercise, how much you sleep, your weight changes and even your stress levels. This makes it a great app to track your overall health.

Women Workout at Home
This app is made by the same company that offers the Home Workout app. This one focuses on women and their exercising needs. It includes exercises that a woman can do at home, full body workouts and even Face Yoga. A woman can easily use the video guides and start working out at their own homes.

You can download and try out any of these health and fitness apps. Feel free to review this list and download them. Each of these apps are free on the Google Play Store. Many of them also offer paid upgrade to unlock even more features to help you get in the best shape (and healthiest) of your life.

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