Top Streaming Workout Videos To Get In Shape For 2021


It’s that time of year again where people are not only thinking about holiday cheer, but are also thinking about setting goals and resolutions for the next year. With 2020 being an unprecedented year, between the Covid-19 pandemic forcing isolation and social distancing, New Year resolutions for 2021 seem to have even more significance. Everything for more travel, saving money, taking the step forward on a business venture, and hopefully, a simple return to normalcy will no doubt top everyone’s list.

Many people set goals and resolutions because they know that internal willpower is not enough. Writing them down and even sharing social media goals is a way of requesting accountability and truth be known. Publishing those goals and resolutions always leaves us feeling good about the future and our intentions for goodness. Getting into shape is another one of those resolutions that seem to make the yearly list, and no doubt, whether it’s the Covid 15, 20, or 30 pounds, is at the top of many 2021 resolutions.

While no one knows how the pandemic will affect 2021 and whether we’ll be able to get into gyms, it’s time to be thankful for the internet. Although there are television shows dedicated to workout and getting into shape, fitness gurus have made YouTube workout videos, on-demand workout and fitness shows, and a growing number of streaming services dedicated to working out.

With 2021 quickly approaching, those committed to making fitness a mission are thinking about how they will fit fitness and working out into whatever routine the new year has for it. No doubt that 2021 will likely begin the way 2020 is ending – isolating inside or continuing to practice social distance, with many gyms will remain closed due to the pandemic. Therefore, listed below are the top streaming sites for workout videos. There are not listed in any particular order and are available on several platforms. Some are free and are streaming on YouTube, Instagram, or non-cable television networks, and there is a small charge for others. All you have to do is google the name for more information on each.

These programs represent all facets of workout, including aerobic, anaerobic, flexibility, and endurance workouts.

The Be.come project by Bethany C. Meyers
Sydney Cummings
Eric the Trainer
15 Minute HIIT with Maggie Binkley
Self Magazine
Fit by Chris
Strong by Zumba
Pancakes and Pushups
Kate Mack
YogaLily Studios
7 Day Barre Challenge
567 Broadway
My Fit Room Studio
Pop Sugar
Blocker Yoga
Fit at Any Age
Yoga by Fawesome
The Yoga Channel
The Salt Drop

If fitness is one of your 2021 goals and starting the year similarly to the way we end this year, do not let stress discourage your goals. As you can see, regardless of your resources, there are tons of workout videos or fitness shows streaming that you can do from the comfort (and safety) of your living room. Stay focused and get fit for the new year!

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