The 7 Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners And Pros


There are many different styles and brands of acoustic guitars. There are acoustics guitars that are perfect for beginners, ones for people who just like to play, and then there are the ones that are made for the professionals to play for concerts. The ones for beginners are reasonably prices while some of the ones for the professionals are priced a lot higher. The seven listed below are priced for all types of players.

Epiphone EJ-200SCE Acoustic/Electric Guitar
This guitar is commonly used for country music. It has a classic sound and looks to it. To make sure that it looked like its original design. That is why it comes in such a big size. Since this guitar is acoustic-electric it comes with a Fishman preamp and a pickup system. This guitar will not sound like the original as it is hard to replicate that sound.

Fender CD 60S Acoustic
For the money that you will pay for this guitar, it is one of the more affordable ones on the market. The intonation of the guitar is good right out of the box. This guitar is one of the best for first-time players and for those that just want another acoustic guitar.

Guild Traditional D55
The Guild has a way of balancing the full bodied sound that a dreadnought has but it does it with a narrower, easier to play neck. If the person is a fingerpicker then the low action may prevent them from really rocking this guitar. The way that this guitar is made allows for it to be played loudly and even softly.

Gibson SJ 200 Deluxe
This guitar is geared more for a professional guitar player as it is a higher-priced guitar. The sound is full-bodied and glorious. For the best clarity and resonance, it is made of solid, top-line woods.

Art and Lutherie Roadhouse Parlor
This is good quality acoustic guitars that have a vintage country feel to it. It has a wonderful sound and tone that is perfect for country and blues music. The upper and middle ranges of music with this guitar are strong. Therefore, it has a wonderful sound to it when played whether by someone that is a beginner or someone that knows how to play an acoustic guitar.

Artall Acoustic Matte Sunset Cutaway Guitar
This guitar is 41 inches of a cutaway guitar. It is a wonderful guitar for the beginner as it has a clear and graceful sound. It is built for a comfortable and easy neck to play.

Kona K391 HSB Parlor Acoustic Guitar
This guitar is smaller in the body so it good for a beginner to learn to play on because it makes it more comfortable for them. This is an overall well balanced guitar that has a nice sound to it. The guitar is best known for its use for folk music or the blues. 

No matter your skill set, these acoustic guitars will be a welcome addition to your instrument collection.

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