The Best Drum Sets For Beginners And Pro Drummers


Drums have become the most intriguing instrument used around the world. Many people consider beating drums to help them eliminate frustration feelings. Others try to express themselves musically with rhythms. However, if you are a drummer, you need to have a drum kit. You can use it for gigs or recording sessions. But you have a budget. So, this list has the best drum kits for beginners and pro drummers. The drum sets range in price and quality. Let’s get started:

1. Tama Starclassic
This is among the best drum sets in the market. It comes equipped with five-piece shell pack. It offers you with the starclassic in maple, although not popular. The drum kit has endless finish options. An outstanding thing about this Tama Starclassic drum, the shells have a more pronounced attack. These shells, therefore, offer more projection over other drums. If you are a beginner or a professional, this is an excellent option.

2. Pearl Session Studio Select
The drum set has a tremendous sounding shell pack. Pearl Company is the manufacturer. This company is known to produce top-notch drum kits for years. However, Pearl Session Studio Select is one of the best drum kits from the company. It is suitable if you’re looking for a pro-sound. This drum set shells are made with a mixture of mahogany and birch woods. Birch wood is essential; it provides the drums with a focused sound. The mahogany, on the other hand, helps balance the tone and provide warmth. 

3. Ludwig Classic Maple Drum Set
The significant reason to choose this drum set, it provides you timeless sound. The manufacturer has been extremely advanced while making straight maple shells. That makes this classic Ludwig a perfect choice if you are a professional drummer seeking tonal versatility. When you use it for live performances, this drum set provides you with a wide tuning range.
It has a bearing edge well designed to achieve the needed unique sound. The flat and smooth surface makes it easy for the head to sit. It is, therefore, a great set to buy and rock out with amazing tunes. 

4. Yamaha Stage Custom
Lastly, this Yamaha Stage Custom is an excellent drum set and among the most sold model. Many drummers prefer this kit because, in the market, no other beats it in terms of price and value. Besides being affordable, it provides you with quality services like high-end professional kits. It is, therefore, an excellent option for a beginner under budget. Unfortunately, the downside of Yamaha Stage Custom kit is its drumheads. These are not the greatest and thus limiting the great sound expected. If you have to purchase this kit, you are required to get other types of heads. However, that’s not a big problem since the kit is affordable.

With the picks above, I hope you have found the best drum kit. More companies and custom makers continue to produce new designs each day. Conduct proper research before you invest in buying a new drum kit.

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