Top Six Keyboards For Beginners And Kids


You could be looking for a distraction, a hobby, entertainment source, or in need to try something new and end up settling on musical instruments. Your child may also want to learn how to play the keyboard, and you must pick the right choice of the keyboard for starting. There are features to take into consideration such as headphone output, metronome, sustain pedal, the action and weight of the keyboard, and the piano sound. They include the following models:

Casio CT-S300
The all-rounder keyboard has sixty-one keys; it is velocity-sensitive and costs one hundred and forty-one dollars. The keyboard has seventy-seven rhythms; it is battery operated and has built-in speakers. It has four hundred sounds and songbook with sixty songs to keep learners busy. The keyboards weighs 3.3 kilograms, it is full-size, and on connectivity, it sustains pedal input, Aux input, power and USB. The brand’s reputation is also good.

Yamaha Piaggero NP12
It costs one hundred and ninety-nine dollars and has sixty-one keys. The key type is full size, it is velocity-sensitive, battery-operated, has in-built speakers, the number of sounds is ten, and on connectivity, the keyboard sustains pedal input and USB. It weighs four and a half kilograms. The keyboard is available in two sizes, it is super portable and has a recording function. It is also easy to play.

Korg B2N
The keyboard is classy, it has superb piano sounds, the key type is semi-weighted, it is not battery powered, has twelve rhythms, and it is velocity-sensitive. The keyboard weighs 9.2 kilograms and has eighty-eight keys.

Roland GO: Keys GO-61K
It is the best keyboard for innovation, and it goes for around three hundred and twenty-nine dollars, the key type is full size and has Bluetooth connectivity; therefore, wireless communication is possible especially for learners. It is battery powered, has various sounds, onboard loop mix function and has in-built speakers. The keyboard has a recording function; as a learner, you can make use of this feature and record your practice lessons.

Yamaha PSR-E363
It is the best for education in the category of beginner keyboards because it provides all necessities you need as a beginner. It has five hundred and seventy-four instrument sounds and backing accompaniment styles. It is a mid-range keyboard and has an excellent grand piano voice. It is appropriate for beginners because of its unique features. ‘Keys to Success’ provides easy and short lessons, Touch Tutor helps learn expressive playing and Education Suite provides ease in learning built-in songs.

Yamaha PSS-A50.
It is the most appropriate for tiny fingers. The keyboard is affordable, it costs ninety-nine dollars, it has thirty-seven keys, and the key type is mini. The keyboard is velocity sensitive with forty-two sounds. The number of rhythms is twenty-one. It has inbuilt speakers, and it is portable. Playing on the keyboard feels great, and it is useful even for progressed learners. There is also an arpeggiator that has one hundred and thirty-eight patterns to maintain your interest.

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